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Prominent Canadian human rights defender dedicated to promoting tolerance, freedom, democracy and human rights

Avi Abraham Benlolo has been described as the nation's most prominent and noted expert in Holocaust studies, in countering Antisemitism and promoting human rights.  He has dedicated nearly three decades in executive capacities in the Jewish community and as a leading voice in Canada. His academic research, graduate degree, Ph.D. coursework and nearly three decades of professional work has focused on these arenas in addition to peace and security in the Middle East. He has published hundreds of articles in these areas.  In recognition of his national and international leadership in this area, he has received numerous awards including an Honorary Doctorate from a prestigious Israeli university for his work in Holocaust studies and combating antisemitism; an Order of Vaughan for his distinguished contribution to anti-racism, equity and diversity; the Queens Diamond Jubilee Award for his contributions to Canada and a race relations award for best practice, based on distinguished service in promoting human rights. 

As a supporter of Israel, he is proud to have established "The Avi Benlolo Scholarship Fund in National Security" at Haifa University.


He has dedicated his life to improving the world by helping organizations and leaders reach their maximum potential.  A consummate strategist, Mr. Benlolo brings 27 years of experience in philanthropy having raised $150 million for human rights efforts.  He is sought after by the media, writes a weekly highly read article in the National Post and is frequently interviewed around the world.  

He is the leading visionary and creator behind the award winning Tour for Humanity, Freedom Day, Speakers Idol, Compassion to Action and The Spirit of Hope Benefit - having impacted over 1 million people a year combined through his efforts. He has produced videos, programs, events, educational modules, websites and curricula and much more.  

Over the years, he has worked with nearly every former western president and prime minister in the world, including top Ambassadors, diplomats and philanthropists.  


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