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9/11 The Day the World Changed

September 11, 2020

Today we remember and reflect on the 19th anniversary of 9/11. 2,997 people were murdered by  Al Qaeda terrorists who hijacked four planes crashing two into the twin towers, the Pentagon and an open field in Pennsylvania. All planes were grounded and the world virtually stopped.

The attack changed the world as we know it - with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and numerous terror attacks, particularly in Europe. Government implemented emergency responses and set new anti-terrorism policies in place. The way we travelled changed forever as security was heightened and no-fly lists grew. The hunt for potential terrorists increased and uncovered many potential threats.

Today one worries that the west is once more letting its guard down - forgetting and moving on. Anyone entering university today has no recollection of that terrible day - and so we must remain vigilant to remind the next generation of the dangers posed by terrorism and mass atrocity. For many of us who lived through the experience, for months and years that followed, flying was fraught with fear and anxiety. It took many years for people to feel safe again. 

At the same time, that tragedy united the western world as people helped one another and nations stood with nations. On this day, let us remember those who died, the families who remained and the fire fighters, police and medical personnel who heroically gave their lives to save others. We cannot let this moment pass. We should not. To educate others, please forward this message onward. 

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