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Breaking: Some Nazi Laws Kept on the Books

01/12/21: In an incredible revelation, Germany's commissioner on Anti-Semitism, Felix Klein discovered 29 cases of laws implemented in and still held over from the Nazi era. In reports, Klein says he has compiled the laws and is advocating for their deletion.

It is incomprehensible how it is even possible, after more than 75 years, that Nazi racist and discriminatory laws still exist in Germany. The Bundestag must immediately remove these outrageous laws and apologize to the Jewish community.

One remnant law introduced with the racist 1938 Nuremberg Laws, according to Klein, "required Jewish men and women whose names were not easily identified as "typically" Jewish - on a list

he most surprising remnant, buried in Germany’s laws on changing a name, is a paragraph introduced as part of the 1938 Nuremberg Laws – on a list compiled by the Reich interior ministry – to add an additional forename to their own in all official documents: Israel for men and Sara for women. According to Klein, this law still applies today for anyone who wants to change their name.

It was reported that last year, Klein, "with Social Democrat Eva Högl and Christian Democrat Thorsten Frei, demanded removal of such wording used to persecute Jews, told the magazine Der Spiegel parliament had already been sent a reformulations catalog".

Shockingly, however, a year has passed with little action from German parliamentarians. Given the rise of Anti-Semitism in Germany in recent years, any remnant of discrimination left over from the third reich seems especially unacceptable. I call upon the the German government to immediately undertake steps to delete these laws.

- Avi

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