• Avi Abraham Benlolo

Montreal's Shaar Hoshomayim Hit By Anti-Semitic Vandalism

01/13/21 - I stand in solidarity with Rabbi Adam Scheier of Westmount's Shaar Hashomayim synagogue in confronting an act of Anti-Semitic vandalism and potential violence against the Jewish community. The perpetrator, who has been arrested, also brought with him a gas canister - an apparent intention to set alight the synagogue.

Over the last number of days, Jewish communities around the world including in Portland and in France have been impacted by Anti-Semitic vandalism. The desecration of a house of worship is one of the most cowardly acts - that should never be permitted against any faith.

In an unrelated development on the Antisemitism file, today President Trump signed into law the "Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combat Anti-Semitism Act" Which elevates the position to an Ambassador - giving the person greater authority.

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