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Press Release: AGPI Chairman received by UN Peace Process Deputy - Separately By Major Druze Leader

07/15/21: The Abraham Global Peace Initiative's (AGPI) Founder and Chairman, Avi Abraham Benlolo was received by and held separate meetings today with the UN's Deputy Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Ms. Lynn Hastings.

Mr. Benlolo visited and toured the UN's expansive Jerusalem compound and briefed Ms. Hastings and her staff about AGPI's objectives and founding principles.

The parties discussed the Middle East Peace Process and updated each other about ongoing activities and issues.

Later that day, Mr. Benlolo and his team were received by Sheikh Taher, who is the Druze community's spiritual leader in Majed al Shams and four additional villages in the Golan Heights, Israel. At the meeting, Sheikh Taher expressed his enthusiasm for The Abraham Global Peace Initiative and promised his full support.

Under Sheikh Taher's guidance, Majed al Shams has closely aligned itself with the State of Israel and today, is one of the most vibrant villages in the Golan. Nearly 50% of Majed al Shams residents have opted for Israeli citizenship in the last two years and this trend is increasing, according to the Sheikh.

About: The Abraham Global Peace Initiative is a Canadian organization which aims to combat Antisemitism, hate and intolerance, promote freedom, democracy and human rights internationally. While it has not officially launched, it is currently on a fact-finding mission in Israel while meeting with high level officials and building effective partnerships.

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