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Observation: Hate Begins With Words

01/11/21:Today it was reported in the Algemeiner and elsewhere on social media that three Israeli restaurants in Portland, Oregon were vandalized with Antisemitic graffiti this Sunday. "Graffiti found at two locations of the Shalom Y'all restaurants included messages such as "Murder", "Free Palestine" and "hummus is not Israeli". The photos were posted on the Stand With Us Facebook Page.

On December 31st, 2020, Portland police reported that a local synagogue was set on fire intentionally, but there was no evidence of antisemitism. In October, the Portland Tribune reported that a Wilson High teacher was targeted with Antisemitism.

As reported by Stand With Us on Facebook

Across the world in Cognin France, the European Jewish Congress reported not dissimilar antisemitic graffiti at a local soccer stadium. Its not enough that the French Jewish community suffers daily antisemitic assault. The EJC says, "on the walls of the premises of the football cannot miss in large red letters several antisemitic inscriptions, swastikas and a reference to Palestine. The graffiti includes the words, "Death to the Jews".

"Death to the Jews" - Graffiti in Cognin France.

Hate and intolerance against Jewish communities is a global phenomenon. The world community must immediately take action to counter it. I commend the European Union Council for producing a handbook just last week on combating antisemitism.

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