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Today's Top Jewish News - October 5, 2020

  1. On this day on October 5, 1942, the Auschwitz memorial reports a "horrible massacre took place in the female sub-camp of Auschwitz. German female functionary prisoners and SS guards used rods, axes, and rifle butts and murdered around 90 prisoners.

  2. The Hamas terror organization launched at least one rocket into southern Israel tonight. The international community must condemn this continued harassment of Israel's citizens. Its untenable for children to live under constant rocket fire. IDF advised that it has struck Hamas targets.

  3. As Sudan contemplates peace with Israel, a Sudanese official said, "we need Israel...Israel is a developed country and the whole world is working with it". Sudan wants the US to take it off its terror list and is asking for some $3 billion in compensation. While peace with Israel is wanted, the question is how beneficial for Israel is it - and at what price?

  4. Turkey's President Erdogan strangely proclaimed "Jerusalem is our city, a city from us". He has clearly forgotten that Jerusalem was founded by the Jewish people more than 2,000 years before the Ottomans ever arrived. A history lesson is in order.

  5. Horrific and outrageous! A Jewish student was attacked with a shovel in Hamburg Germany just outside of a synagogue over the Sukkot holiday. German authorities must provide strengthened security for the Jewish community.

  6. In Paris, a Kosher restaurant was ransacked with antisemitic graffiti including a swastika drawn on the floor. The attack was condemned by authorities, but this behaviour is unacceptable, as French Jews continue to be attacked daily.

  7. In Canada, congratulations to Annamie Paul on being elected the new leader of the Green Party of Canada. She is the first Black Jewish leader of a major Canadian political party. Given her party's issues concerning antisemitism, we hope she will use her platform effectively to combat it and racism in general.

  8. Former Canadian Prime Minister published an editorial today in the National Post whereby he asserted that the changing dynamic of middle east peace has in fact advanced peace. Going against the old political doctrine of putting the Palestinians first has proven to be the right way in achieving peace.

  9. Jewish community of Atlantic Canada are harassed by antisemitic stickers posted in the community. The stickers claim Jews are behind the Coronavirus - an old antisemitic trope based in traditional antisemitism. I have condemned this and asked authorities to act.

  10. Reports are now emerging from the Montreal Chabad community that the police there raided some 7 synagogues over Yom Kippur. They feel they have been especially targeted by police, who came in right at the height of their prayer. I have encouraged more transparency and further information relating this matter.

  11. On World Teachers Day, we pay tribute to the incredible teachers who are on the front lines daily, educating the next generation. The task is harder these days, with Covid-19 - but they proudly work hard to ensure our children are provided with the best education. We salute them!

  12. Outrageous racial slurs have been found in the cemetery directing to black Canadian civil rights icon, Viola Desmond. Ms. Desmond courageously refused to move from an all white section in the movie theatre in 1946. This racist behaviour is completely unacceptable.

  13. Academia is supposed to be apolitical meant to advance science and humanity. It is incomprehensible that an Ariel University study was rejected because the Israeli professor refused to remove written in Israel. The demand was made by the journal Molecules.

  14. In the NYT - a major article discussed the dilemma of Palestinians living in Israel about the Abraham Accords. At the same time, one Arab official said, "Arabs graduating with a degree in information technology who might earn $3k or $5k in Israel per month would command 3-5 times that about in the UAE. Clearly therefore peace in the Middle East also brings about tremendous prosperity.

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