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1. Antisemitic incidents in Europe accounted for 22% of all hate crimes, even while Jews make up only 1% of population, said a new report from the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.

2. The Hon. Irwin Cotler has been named as Canada's Special Envoy for Holocaust Remembrance by the Trudeau government. This comes on heel of Canada's vote against Israel at the UN.

3. The Australian Union of Jewish Students has accused the University of Sydney Student's Council of 'gaslighting the Jewish community' after it passed a motion opposing the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn from the British Labour Party.

4. In Israel Hayom, Ruthie Blum asks "Can anti-Semites combat anti-Semitism" referring to the JVP panel made up of people who have condemned Israel. What do you think?

5. Canadian Forces said today that White supremacist 'Dakov' is not a member of the forces. The man is said to be recruiting for a white supremacist organization called "the Base".

6. Since you are here reading this, do me a favour and "Like" and Share this piece. Lets educate as many people as possible!

7. Canada seems to be busy on issues of hate crime. In a Montreal court, a man appeared today on charge of willfully promoting hatred.

8. Brian Lilley in The Toronto Sun wrote a scathing review of the Liberal Government's shift in stance with Israel: "I miss the days when regardless of whether the government was Liberal or Conservative, Canada stood with Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East".

9. JTA reports that Quebec is allowing Christmas gatherings up to 10 people but Hanukah gatherings would be prohibited. This is causing dismay in the Jewish community.

10. A parting shot? Speculation increases that Israeli military is preparing a potential US strike against Iran before Trump leaves office.

11. Suspect arrested in Owen Sound after churches and synagogue vandalism.

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