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The National Post: Are Educated People More Antisemitic? More

The National Post: Is it possible to have too much democracy?: More

The National Post: The world needs more Canada — now more than ever: More

The National Post: Hey, Roger Waters, 2018 called. It wants it threadbare anti-Israel rhetoric back: More

The National Post: The many variants of anti-Semitism: More

The National Post: Why does Assad get away with murder? More

The National Post: The ICC is no longer legitimate: More

The National Post: The coming Middle East war and how to stop it: More

The National Post: ICC chooses to investigate Israel while ignoring actual atrocities: More

The National Post: Biden's roadmap to peace in the Middle East: More

The National Post: Joe Biden should build on Donald Trump's foreign policy successes: More

The National Post: We cannot discuss Anti-Semitism without Noting the hatred on the Left: More

The National Post: Living in the Land of Confusion: More

The National Post: 2021 The Year We Make Peace: More

The National Post: Campus Anti-Israelism is Dying: More

The National Post: Canada's hypocrisy on anti-Semitism: More

The National Post: Diplomatic rift between Tehran and Ottawa continues to grow: More

The National Post: What will Biden Do About Iran: More

The Algemeiner: Why Bad Things Happen to Good People: More

The National Post: The World Sleeps While Our Beds Are Burning: More

The National Post: As Muslims and Jews, we remember Kristallnacht: More

The National Post: Assassination of Rabin was JFK Moment: More

The Algemeiner: The UK Labour Party and Zero Tolerance for Antisemitism: More

The National Post: Hope for Peace in the Middle East and Beyond: More

The National Post: Path to Mideast Peace never a straight line: More

The Algemeiner: Facebook Bans Holocaust Denial as It Gains Traction on Social Networking Platforms: More

National Post: Is Saudi Arabia Preparing for Peace: More

National Post: The Jewish World's Dilemma Over Trump: More

National Post: Reinventing our role in the world: More

The Algemeiner: Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Jewish Icon: More

National Post: Anti-Semitism, suppression of freedom converged in horrific Charlie Hebdo, kosher market attacks: More

The Algemeiner: The Holocaust Meets American Ignorance, Antisemitism, and ‘Alternative Facts’: More

National Post: Time for Palestinians to get on board with peace, too: More

Montreal Gazette: How Canada can counter online hate: More

National Post: Covid Will Have a Lasting Impact on Our Children: More

National Post: Keeping our Guard Up Against Neo-Nazis: More

The Algemeiner: The End of the UAE Boycott Is a Blow to BDS: More

The Ottawa Citizen: On Human Rights, Canada is still a work in progress: More

The Star: Who Will Be our Moral Compass Now? More

National Post: Fighting Antisemitism in Ontario: More

National Post: The Coronavirus Pandemic is bringing with it a new level of anti-semitism: More

Times: The Holocaust Is A Serious Matter: More

Times: Why there is Hope: More

Times: Not Afraid: More

Times: Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism: More

Times: Rooting out Evil: More

Times: A National Conversation on Racism: More

The Star: Handling of Nazi War Criminal Files a National Shame: More

Huff Post: The Swastikas Won’t Stop Until Our Politicians do More than Denounce: More

The Star: Don’t Ignore Antisemitism. Its Lethal: More

National Post: Mark Zuckerberg’s Criticism of Holocaust Deniers, too little too late: More

Hill Times: Liberals, Conservatives, did the right thing by voting against Iran: More

Times: Free Speech is not in Jeopardy: More

Times: UNWRA: Canada’s $110 million problem: More

Times: Is This how 1933 Felt Like?: More

Times: Countering Antisemitism Must be at the Forefront of National Strategy Against Hate:: More

Times: Justice Served: More

Times: Bravo, Nikki Haley: More

Times: 7 Ways we can Win Against Anomie: More

Times: Complicity and Cooperation in the Face of Evil​: More

Times: We Hold the Moral High Ground​: More

Hill Times: Canada Should Follow EU’s Lead, Take a Stronger Stance Against Antisemitism​: More

Hill Times: Holocaust Remembrance Critical to Confronting Lingering Hatred: More

The Star: A Call to Action in Perilous Times: More

National Post: What John Kerry Should Have Said about UN Resolution: More

Globe and Mail: If Canada Chooses a balanced approach, it will be rudderless in the Middle East:: More

National Post: In a Hospital, We See the Best of Israel:: More

National Post: The New Face of BDS: More

National Post: Campuses Allowed Antisemitism to Fester, Now they are paying the price: More

Globe and Mail: Europe’s Sanctions On Israeli Settlements are a Strategic Blunder: More

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