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Double Acts of Kindness in 5781

Even while 2020 has been challenging for so many, the acts of friendship and kindness we have experienced have shown us what we have and what is truly important.   Kindness and generousity of spirit are the true measure of a person. With Rosh Hashanah upon us, we feel truly humbled and blessed to be surrounded by a community of family and friends who have given us strength and solidarity. Thank you for your friendship. Our people are blessed to be celebrating 5781 in the long chain of ancestors that fought to defend and preserve Judaism.  We remain proud to defend and preserve the memory of the six million.  And this week, we had the rare opportunity of celebrating two peace agreements that give us a more secure Israel. As we come together (with social distancing) over the next two days to celebrate our New Year with family and friends, we can take measure of the impressive contributions our people have made to humanity and to our country. In these uncertain times, lets double our effort with brightening the world around us through acts of kindness and ‘yidishkite’. We wish to extend our best wishes for good health, success and happiness in this New Year.  Shana Tova U’metuka – Am Yisroel Chai!

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