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Press Release: In Wake of Outrage, AGPI Launching Courses for Teachers and Boards of Education

Tel Aviv-07/19/21: In the wake of outrage in Ontario school boards over antisemitism and delegitimization campaigns against Israel, The Abraham Global Peace Initiative (AGPI) plans to host a series of local and international workshops to provide tools for educators in the classroom, while confronting the matter at the board of education level.

"Since the Gaza war, we have been speaking with educators about their mounting frustration and feelings of marginalization. We have provided several closed forums to provide critical advice. As we prepare for our official launch of AGPI this fall, we are also creating an intensive list of workshops to be given by experts in this arena", stated its Founder and Chairman, Avi Abraham Benlolo.

One AGPI course slated for the start of the year on September 13th, 2021 expands on our "Myths and Facts" platform produced during the Gaza war. Even while it was Hamas who launched the latest war against Israel, pillorying the country with 4,500 rockets, anti-Israel campaigners used the opportunity and moved aggressively to portray Israel unfairly.

More significantly, slanderous and unfounded terms like "colonizers", "settlers" and "occupiers" were added to the now infamous and debunked term, “apartheid” – in a massive propaganda campaign against the Jewish state. Shockingly, Israel is still being falsely accused of "genocide" and "ethnic cleansing" - unfounded terms that are being disseminated widely.

To view our Myths and Facts working document available online, please click here:

On September 13th, AGPI's Education Co-Chair, Neil Orlowsky will be presenting the following workshop to educators: Decoding, Deconstructing and Empowering Language: Settler Colonialism, Apartheid Narratives, and the Implication on Education.

AGPI will be launching its website and registration system in the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can stay connected to our announcements by subscribing to this list serve:

ABOUT: In response to a dramatic spike in Antisemitism, hate and intolerance and a global decline in human rights, a new Canadian global organization is setting its sights on formally launching this fall. The Abraham Global Peace Initiative is a new global voice for humanity projecting Canadian values of freedom, peace and human rights into global hotspots. A high-profile group of Canadian and international leaders is assembling around the initiative with an objective of moving the needle when it comes to combating international Antisemitism, standing up for Israel and advancing global human rights.

Media Contact:

Toronto Office - 5700 Yonge Street, Suite 200 Toronto, Ontario, M2M 4K2

New York Office - 295 Madison Ave, New York, New York 10017

TO: 416-646-2196 NY: 212-537-5071 Cell: 647-607-2973

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Dora Soberano
Dora Soberano

Is this mandatory for teachers ? It must be!

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