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Stand Up For Israel. Stand Against Media and Political Bias

Hamas Terrorists With a Rocket Ready to Launch Against Israeli Civilians


Human Rights Defender Avi Benlolo Calls on Political Leaders to Condemn Terrorism

05/14/21: Human Rights Defender and Advocate, Avi Abraham Benlolo is calling on political leaders and the media to condemn Hamas terrorism and provide a truthful perspective on the crisis in Israel.

In an opinion piece in the National Post today, Mr. Benlolo wrote: “Let's put everything on the table: there is no equivalence between Hamas and Israel. The latter is a nation just like any other and should be treated with the respect and dignity it deserves. The former is a globally designated terrorist organization that should be treated with the disrespect and the indignity it deserves. There should be no ifs, ands, or buts”.

He added, “This conflict is not about so-called “settlements,” “evictions” or land disputes. It is not about the Al Aqsa Mosque, which is treated with the utmost respect by Israel and all Jews alike. This is about a terrorist group whose mission statement and raison d’être is the destruction of the State of Israel”.

In response to the myths that are being perpetuated by some political leaders and in the media, Mr. Benlolo has published a Primer of “Myths and Facts” about the conflict:

Here are some of the myths that are being propagated widely:

  • Myth: Israel started this war by attacking the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

  • Myth: Israel is evicting Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in East Jerusalem

  • Myth: This latest round of violence is because Israel is expanding settlement activity

  • Myth: Israel uses disproportionate force against Hamas and the Gaza Strip

  • Myth: The aid provided to the Palestinians through UNRWA reduces conflict with Israel

Many world leaders have now recognized that propagating myths about an ally and a friend endangers freedom, democracy and human rights worldwide. To this extent, Mr. Benlolo has also released statements made by international leaders in support of Israel and its right to defend itself. Statements against the terror attack striking Israel have been made by U.S. President Joe Biden; Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; Sebastian Kurz, Chancellor of Austria and Heiko Mass, German Minister of Foreign Affairs. Please find the collection of statements made here:

“The myths that are being spread about “evictions”, “settlements” and the Al Aqsa Mosque are fueling antisemitism” said Mr. Benlolo. Already, we are seeing online hate against Israel on titok spread by university students (eg. Laurier) and calls for Israel’s destruction at rallies in cities around the world. Standing up for human rights means having a fair and equitable moral compass that does not promote hate and discrimination and denounces terrorism.

Want to help defend Israel against bias? Here is a quick tool and sample letter to contact your local media, politicians and post widely.

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For media interviews, contact Mr. Benlolo at 647-607-2973 or by email at

Avi Abraham Benlolo, BA MA, Doctor of Philosophy (Honoris Causa) Order of Vaughan, Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal, Race Relations Award ABOUT: Avi Abraham Benlolo has been described as the nation's most prominent and noted expert in Holocaust studies, in countering Antisemitism and promoting human rights. He has dedicated nearly three decades in executive capacities, was founding President and CEO of a major organization in the Jewish community, has raised over $150 million for charities and is a leading voice in Canada. His academic research, graduate degree, Ph.D. coursework and nearly three decades of professional work has focused on these arenas in addition to peace and security in the Middle East. He has published hundreds of articles in these areas. In recognition of his national and international leadership in this area, he has received numerous awards including an Honorary Doctorate from a prestigious Israeli university for his work in Holocaust studies and combating antisemitism; an Order of Vaughan for his distinguished contribution to anti-racism, equity and diversity; the Queens Diamond Jubilee Award for his contributions to Canada and a race relations award for best practice, based on distinguished service in promoting human rights. As a supporter of Israel, he is proud to have established "The Avi Benlolo Scholarship Fund in National Security" at Haifa University.

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